Day 09 – Your beliefs

When I was a child I believed in God, for all I can remember. Every night I used to pray that prayer that children pray - "Gud som haver..." and sporadically I prayed for other things to come true. I went to church with my parents on Christmas Eve, but that was about it.

When it came to the point where I had to decide whether I should confirm my Christian faith or not, I no longer believed. Somehow my faith in God had slipped away, but I cannot remember when. It happened very naturally I think. I started my confirmation even so, but after a while I decided to not go through with it, and I had some quarrels about this with my parents.

Anyway, I signed up for a week at summer camp to do an "humanistic confirmation". I am very glad that I did, it was very interesting and I met all these wonderful people with whom I had many discussions about life and all there is to it. It is definitely something I would recommend if you want to talk about everything concerning life, but not through a Christian perspective.    

I would not say I believe in any kind of religion, but of course I have other beliefs. I believe in the evolution theory, but I am definitely not excluding the possibilty of something more to life than what science can tell us about.

A little part of my confirmation group.


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