Day 11 - Your siblings

I have two elder brothers.

This is Rickard, eight years older than me. As a very small child, I thought I would marry him when I grew up. Whe have never had so much of quarrels; I think that he must have been very patient with his little sister when she was always asking him about his girlfriends.

This is Niklas, six years older than me. We have had very many quarrels throughout the years. I have given him a scar on his arm by scrathching him in a fight, but I partly blame that on he always scratching his eschars. I always ended up with listening to the same music as him, though I told him that I hated it on principle.    

My brothers have in a way always been like role models to me. I would never have admitted it when I was little, but that is the way it is. They have moved out a couple of times each, and every time it broke my heart a little. 

I have thought that I hated them both. One thing I know for sure is that I love the both of them very much.


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