Day 13 – This week

This week I have had winter sports holiday. The thing is I have had an annoying cold for three weeks now, therefore I haven't been exercising much of winter sports... This is what I have done instead:

Monday: I had choir where we discussed our upcoming show and then I went to Barista for a while to give Hannah her a present, since she turned 18. Then I welcomed my boyfriend back, who had been in Bangladesh for way too long.

Tuesday: My friend Jossan turned 18, therefore I went to have lunch at East City with her and her friends to celebrate. After that I had choir once again, where we basically managed to plan the entire show, in which order the songs are being put and which sketches we are going to have. Then I hang out with Hannah.

Wednesday: I had a mother-daughter day. We walked to the city where we watched the ice sculptures in the municipal park, had lunch at Unico, went shopping and watched the film "Of Gods and Men" at the cinema.

Thursday: I did those boring things I had to do, like cleaning and searching for jobs, in the forenoon. In the afternoon, Anton came.

Friday: I went downtown to have a cup of coffee with Anna and then I went home to Gabbi. That poor girl had been home sick the whole week. I won in Scrabble, she won in Yatzy and "kasta gris".  In the evening I watched "The King's Speech" at the cinema with Malin.

Saturday: In the evening came Malin, Ellika, Gabbi and Lisa to watch "Melodifestivalen" and hang out. Mostly hang out. They forced me to flatten my hair. It feels like half of all the people I have ever met have asked me how I would look if I flattened my hair; therefore I'm uploading a picture.

Sunday: Lisa stayed the night, and we planned to study chemistry. That plan hasn't worked out... Here we are, listening to Shout out louds and talking about everything else but chemistry.

Postat av: freja

fin du är!

2011-02-27 @ 16:46:33
Postat av: Hanna

Scarlett Johansson kopia ju!!! Snygg!

2011-03-06 @ 21:16:23

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