Day 01 - Introduce yourself

My name is Ellinor Kristin Berg. According to my parents they named me after Evert Taube's daughter, of whom he often sings in his songs. My nickname is Ellen, and it's used frequently among my friends. Now I can't even remember how and when I got it. I was born the 27th of August in 1993 in a hospital named Karolinska, situated in Solna, Stockholm. My home until I was five was what I recall a house with a big garden with lots of fruit trees in Spånga, Stockholm. In 1998 me and my family moved to Eskilstuna and I started school, quite satisfied with it. The summer when I was to turn ten, 2003, we moved once again, to Uppsala, and this time I was devastated. But just like the last time we moved, it worked out fine. I found myself calling Uppsala my home very soon. 

Now I'm at school, Rosendalsgymnasiet, and it's a place that I not seldom find myself calling home. Of course I cannot say that all is perfect, for example I should be studying chemistry right now since I have a free period, but instead I'm writing this blog post. I actually don't have a clue why I study science.

A while ago, I was thinking about this stupid thing how you would describe yourself with tree words, and I figured faithful was one of them. To my friends and family, that is. I would also say that I have a wonderful family and wonderful friends. I'm not sure what the other two words would be, but I think I'm a human always trying to see life through a positive perspective. Some call me naive, just because I want to believe that all people are good. Another quality that I find important, both when it comes to myself and others, is empathy.

Naturally, I have qualities that aren't positive as well. I'm always late and I am sometimes very clumsy, which a scratch mark (that I made myself) on my cheek shows right now. I tend to do things in the nick of time, but I also have this need to do them perfectly.

Which reminds me that I have to go wrap some gifts right now, since a couple of my friends turn a year older tomorrow!    

Ps. I wrote this post on two different occasions, I'm not in school right now, thank god. But wait, I don't believe in god. Ds.


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