Day 02 – Your first love

I am sure I had some fling in kindergarten, but the first love I can remember clearly is a boy named Patrik Eriksson. He was adopted from China and had glasses. We danced at the class parties, we would go out in the forest to kiss each other secretly and we slept head to foot. When we were in 1st grade he had a stroke, and got cerebral palsy - cp. I don't think that I fully understood what happened, but that ended what we called our relationship. 

More than ten years have passed since then, and today I have a very different view of love but I know that I called what we had love back then. It was the time while your relationships started with someone slipping you a note or your best friend asking in your stead. Sometimes I wish life still was that easy.

Postat av: Sanne


did he really have a stroke at that early age? That must be extremely unusual!

2011-02-17 @ 18:34:54

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