Day 03 – Your parents

My parents are Ing-Marie Berg and Mats Berg. They are born in 1953 and 1955, both of them in Stockholm. They met in medical school and decided to get married and have three children. Now they are doctors and soon they will have three grown-up children.

My mother is a very motherly woman, always ready to help. She is sometimes too kind, and she is the most empathic person I know. We are very alike when it comes to showing emotions, and it's not rare to see us sitting by the kitchen table crying together, sometimes it seems without an explainable reason. Like me, my mother is always late. We have watched "Mitt i naturen" together since I was in 6th grade, I think, and she is the kind of person who loves to just sit down to have a cup of tea and talk or go for long walks. 

One of my mother's brilliant ideas.

My father is a hard working man who needs perfection in everything he does, and I think he can be too hard on himself from time to time, but I am proud of him. He hates being late, and hates to wait. We have had a huge number of fights about who should be in the bathroom, but I think we have come to some kind of understanding now (mostly him understanding that I need long showers...). My father loves working out, and I think that he is the one getting me interested in running in the first place. He doesn't often show his emotions, but he cries when he watches romantic movies.

We may have had, and still have, our disputes, but I love them both very much.

Postat av: Felix

hej starka gener!

2011-01-31 @ 21:46:16

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