Day 06 – Your day

My day started when the alarm rang 08.20. Anton took the bus before I did, since he got stressed by the pace I had preparing everything, I think. As usually, Mandus made me feel very slacky by greeting cheerfully on his way biking to school while I stood by the bus stop, waiting for the bus. The thing is, he has about three times the way to school that I have.

My first class was physical education, and then I ran at a treadmill for twenty minutes. The next class was biology two and a half hour later, and we sat counting grains of maize to study genetics...

After school I collected my contact lenses at Synoptik, and then I went to Hannah's home to have dinner with her. We ate tomato soup, toasted bread and mozzarella. From there we walked in the cold winter night to our choir. It was, as always, very fun and cozy. I have a really good feeling about the show we're doing in May.

I walked home (from the bus stop) gazing at the stars. Home to an empty house. Ate my second dinner.

The day passed by real quickly and was no different from every other day - except for the fact that I had very pleasant company for breakfast, that is.

Postat av: Lisa

Fantastico dag. Tänk om alla hade lika underbara dagar som du. Superavis. Skoja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011-01-27 @ 22:15:16
Postat av: aaaaaa

har du pojkvän?

2011-01-28 @ 00:34:33

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