Day 15 – Your dreams

When I was a small child I used to dream of being a singer on a big stage, preferably in a musical. I also used to dream that I would work at a dolphinarium.

Today, like so many days, I'm dreaming of summer heat. I dream of that feeling of being completely content that rarely comes along.

By night I dream of huge spiders like the ones that I've found in my cellar room and bathroom. Sometimes they are even bigger, pink and have wings.  

Furthermore, I dream of simply becoming satisfied with the life that I've lived. I hope that I'll one day look back at life and think that I've accomplished something, and if not having done all the things that I want to do at least some of them. Enough to be content. Having travelled and seen the world, having had children and raised them well and having been able to help people in some way. Oh, why does everything sound so cliché?


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